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We won’t be trying to determine whether you warrant service connection in the first place. If you have been out of the service longer but still think you have a condition related to your service apply! It just might be a little more complex and take a little longer because of the need to develop more records. Our goal is to complete all claims within 125 days or four months by 2015 with 95 percent accuracy.

Right now more than 30 percent of our claims have been pending longer than that.

On the other hand if you broke your leg and recovered from it you should claim that because the fracture, if found on x-ray, can be service connected.

While it might only warrant a zero percent evaluation now, if you develop arthritis at the site later, you are covered.

You should not claim acute disabilities or illnesses you had in service unless they left a residual.

For example, if you got the flu in service and got over it, the claim will be denied.

That way we will examine you and determine your current level of disability.Dealing with large organizations can be frustrating.Some things that appear clear and certain to you may not be to others.I have worked for VA for over 36 years and the overwhelming majority of people who work for VA are committed to the mission.If we are not clear or you think we have made a mistake, let us know so we can both fix it, and provide a learning opportunity for our staff to serve other Veterans better.

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