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Chuck Todd was in the Steve Kornacki role, reporting on stats and demographics. I really hate the fact that Brian Williams has not only taken over as the lead anchor on big political nights, but they also gave him his own damned show!! Rachel brings in the biggest ratings, and yet she's relegated to the sidelines by this disgraced anchor, who was fired from his position because he was such a liar!

If that isn't the old-boy fucking network at play, then I don't know what is.

Steve Kornacki is hardly a "Republican." He's a straight down the middle reporter who calls things as he sees them.

No one knows his political affiliation which is something we should all want in journalists.[quote] I love Joy Reid.

And I will once again pledge allegiance to Lawrence Mc Donnel. He at times was obnoxious as hell, but I was often ready to drop to my knees for his potentially skranky ol cock, just to thank him for being so blunt and not giving a fuck that he was overstepping journalistic boundaries that others tread too lightly around. MSNBC performed better than CNN in the ratings during the month of August, so you're actually incorrect, R17. I was hoping Kasie Hunt batted for our team, but sadly not. He only comes alive when he's referencing historical political data and anecdotes of past election cycles.

I respect Rachel Maddow's smarts but she tries a bit too hard for the appearance of the Fox logo "fair and balanced" for me. Maddow has been crushing Cooper's show consistently in viewers and the demo for a while now. I much prefer Chris Hayes, who's more engaging, warm and quick at correcting distorted facts or blatant untruths.

Joe S used to take part in election night coverage, but has not maybe since 08MSNBC would have put Joe on Presidential coverage back in 2008, but he and Olbermann (who was the star of the network back then) were at all-out war.

Kornacki is okay, but clearly he doesn't have a life as he would be on every single moment if they would let him. I'll take her over Tweety and Toad who let them spin and pivot unchallenged. But she does sometimes take 20 minutes to tell a 2 minute story. I mostly like Hayes, but he's reminds me of an eager puppy. If Soboroff identifies as straight, I'll take him at his word ... There's another reporter for NBC (not MSNBC) who was on during the convention who makes Rascon seem fugly. Now he's just a news reader, and I find I like him okay especially if he's after that bimbo jerk Stephanie Ruhl . She dumped him as soon as she was on sure footing with NBC. Stephanie Ruhl grates on the nerves, the fugliest of the fraus by far. Hallie Jackson is the best of the female road warriors. Casie Hunt is great, she's attractive but there is just a touch of a PE teacher there. She's been filling in for MTP Daily lately and she's getting better but nothing to write home about. She totally went in on Boris, the Trump surrogate, who even called her a "Hillary surrogate." That Boris guy is the biggest D-bag supporting Trump.

Mika has been "speaking up" more and more on Morning Joe, probably to "prove her worth," (name of her book). Katy Tur in front of Trump Tower is something I don't need to see any longer. I like Katy Tur too but something weird is going on with her. She's randomly absent during some of his most important speeches (i.e. Right behind the poor South Carolina congressman surrogate as well.

I think part of it is Matthews knows what the rest of their answer is going to be and so (A) doesn't have the patience to wait for their equivocating response, (B) he's bored with the response and is already on the next question, or (C) he thinks the response is full of shit and begins repeating the question until a real answer is given.

For example, take his recent interview with Giuliani in which Giuliani said Trump stopped questioning Obama's citizenship two years ago.

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