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Juris Pont., xxi, 403); they also commemorate it on the first of every month (priv.

With narrative verve, Lunde brings his singular experience to bear on our twenty-sixth president’s life and constructs a perceptively researched and insightful history that tracks Roosevelt’s maturation from exuberant boyhood hunter to vital champion of serious scientific inquiry.

Lunde has named more than a dozen new species of mammals and provided valuable scientific insights on hundreds of others. Chapter 1THE SEAL ON BROADWAYAlong the cobblestone streets of New York City, a small and somewhat pink-faced boy wandered down Broadway, dwarfed by the towering wall of storefronts at his side.

Still sporting a full head of baby curls, the child seemed barely old enough to be out in the city alone, and he looked frail, as if he might have been sick.

The feast is found in the calendar of Sonnatius, Bishop of Reims, 614-31 (Kellner, Heortology , 21). In the Greek Church the apodosis (solution) of the feast takes place 12 Sept., on account of the feast and the solemnity of the Exaltation of the Cross, 13 and 14 Sept. The Catholic Copts have adopted the Greek feast, but keep it 10 Sept.

Still it cannot be said to have been generally celebrated in the eighth and ninth centuries. The Copts in Egypt and the Abyssinians celebrate Mary's Nativity on 1 May, and continue the feast under the name of "Seed of Jacob " 33 days (Anal.

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