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Rupert Goodwins, the editor of ZDNet, perceived the closure of Geo Cities as an end of an era; he described Geo Cities as "the first proof that you could have something really popular and still not make any money on the internet." Vijay Mukhi, an internet and cyber security expert quoted in the Business Standard, criticized Yahoo's handling of Geo Cities; Mukhi described Geo Cities as "a lost opportunity for Yahoo!They could have made it a Facebook if they wanted." Rich Skrenta, the CEO of Blekko, posted on Twitter an offer to take over Geo Cities from Yahoo! In response to the closure, rival Web hosting services began to compete for the Web sites leaving Geo Cities.The "cities" were named after real cities or regions according to their content—for example, computer-related sites were placed in "Silicon Valley" and those dealing with entertainment were assigned to "Hollywood"—hence the name of the site. , this practice was abandoned in favor of using the Yahoo! In April 2009, approximately ten years after Yahoo!bought Geo Cities, As of February 10, 2016, Geo Cities Japan is still online, with no signs of upcoming closure.By 1999 Geo Cities was the third-most visited Web site on the World Wide Web, behind AOL and Yahoo! In 2001, amidst speculation by analysts that Geo Cities was not yet profitable (it having declared an million loss for the final quarter of 1998), Yahoo!introduced a for-fee premium hosting service at Geo Cities and reduced the accessibility of free and low-price hosting accounts by limiting their data transfer rate for Web page visitors; since that time the data transfer limit for free accounts was said to be limited to 3 GB per month, but was enforced as a limit of about 4.2 MB per hour.Com Score stated that the Geo Cities had 18.9 million unique visitors from the U. A copy of the complaint and order can be found at 127 F. These acts and practices affected "commerce" as defined in Section 4 of the Federal Trade Commission.

The company decided to focus on building membership and community, and on December 15, 1995, BHI became known as Geo Cities after having also been called Geopages. , invested extensively in Geo Cities and, with the introduction of paid premium services, the site continued to grow.Other sites with this purpose are 2011), Web Cite, and In March 2009 Geo Cities had 11.5 million unique visitors, a 24% decline from March 2008. § 45, which states in relevant part, "Unfair methods of competition in or affecting commerce, and unfair or deceptive acts or practices in or affecting commerce, are hereby declared unlawful." The FTC found that Geo Cities was engaged in deceptive acts and practices in contravention to their stated privacy act. The litigation came about in this way: Geo Cities provided free home pages and e-mail address to children and adults who provided personally identifying and demographic information when they registered for the Web site.On the first anniversary of Geo Cities' closing, Archive Team released a torrent file archive of 641 GB (prior to 7z compression, it was approximately 900 GB of data). In March 2008 Geo Cities had 15.1 million unique U. In 1999, a complaint was instituted against Geo Cities stating that the corporation violated the provisions of the Federal Trade Commission Act under 15 U. Subsequently, a consent order was entered into which prohibits Geo Cities from misrepresenting the purpose for which it collects and/or uses personal identifying information from consumers. At the time of the complaint, Geo Cities had more than 1.8 million members who were "homesteaders." Geo Cities illegally permitted third-party advertisers to promote products targeted to Geo Cities' 1.8 million users, by using personally identifiable information obtained in the registration process.Many sites were automatically duplicated from Geo Cities to many months after the closure of Geo Cities.promised to be advertisement free hosting, and for 5 years this has been the case, until 3 December 2014.

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By June 1997, Geo Cities was the fifth most popular site on the Web, and by October of that year the company had signed up its millionth Homesteader.

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