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The only catch is that they only cover certain areas of his body, and so only help if a blow lands on those areas.As of now, his face, neck, chest cavity, left arm, lower body, ears, and the back of his head are the only spots protected by cybernetic parts. Speed measures how fast a gladiator's reflexes are as well as how fast they can run, 1 being stationary and 10 being able to beat Sonic the Hedgehog in a race.In addition to his keen ESP giving him insight into the universe around him, AAlbus is able to flow with the currents of reality such that he can hit precisely, parry effortlessly, and even bend the laws of physics with enough concentration.

However, his PSI-Jutsu techniques are powerful when charged up and his Cybernetics provide a number of useful abilities.Thus, AAlbus UUmbra has developed somewhat of a personal spellbook for him to fight with.While it does take a little bit of time for AAlbus to activate his special Abilities, it requires no cooldown and does not cost him stamina/mana/magicka/energy/etc.Since his creation, AAlbus has been blessed with the latent ability to use psionics.This ability does not operate the same as other psychics due to him having no outlet of spiritual power like the human race and their souls, instead relying on long-range quantum entanglement to form bonds with the fabric of spacetime and suggest paths with his brainwaves, which are in turn aided by a flow of energetic stimulus from his Electronium Reactor.

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Each of AAlbus UUmbra's Styles are divided into 1, 2, and 3-second intervals, depending on how long it takes for him to concentrate.

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