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This means that Internet IP addresses are a finite, scarce resource, and have to be treated somewhat carefully.

Suppose you have a normal, per month, Internet dialup account from “Some Local ISP, Inc.” They have three thousand customers, but it’s rare that all of them are online at the same time.

The Internet is divided into literally millions of domains; each one has its own name.

DNS helps to translate that name into an actual location (IP address).

If you want to run a BBS, or Web server, or any number of other services, on your home computer, though, having your IP address change all the time is a real problem.

Enter DDNS, otherwise known as Dynamic DNS services or Free DNS.

(about 4.29e9, 4 billion or so) possible numeric addresses for the Internet in IPv4.

In practice, though, many of them were allocated in an inefficient manner a long time ago, in a way that can’t easily be undone today.

It’s more likely, though, that they can’t or won’t help you…It is most useful when your computer or network obtains a new IP address lease and you would like to dynamically associate a hostname with that address, without having to manually enter the change every time.Since there are situations where an IP address can change, it helps to have a way of automatically updating hostnames that point to the new address every time. We are proud to be considered the top resource online for information on dynamic dns providers.We maintain the #1 list of Dynamic DNS (DDNS) providers online.Dynamic DNS is a method that allows you to notify a Domain Name Server (DNS) to change in your active DNS configuration on a device such as a router or computer of its configured hostname and address.

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