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True Blue NY, a progressive group, held a rally in New York City today, while the Working Families Party in a statement called on him to resign his leadership post in the midst of the investigation. Diane Savino, who has been romantically involved with Klein, in a statement said the rally was politically motivated.

In both instances, the letters were sent through a public relations firm Klein has retained.

Andrew Cuomo on Friday called sexual harassment a “dirty little secret” that’s been largely ignored until the last several months after a range of powerful men have been toppled by claims of abuse and sexual misconduct.

In Albany, one of the state’s most powerful men, Independent Democratic Conference Leader Jeff Klein, is now facing allegations of misconduct himself, accused of forcibly kissing a former legislative staffer.

“Generation after generation of immigrants who came from different places and our concept was, come here, we welcome you, we don’t judge you the color of your skin, or your race, or religion,” Cuomo said.

“We invite you to join the family of New York and the family of America.” Gov.

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