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Charts allow you to present numeric information in an attractive, easily edited, and highly customizable graphical form.

Choose one of Excel's many built-in styles to present your information for maximum impact, and display the impact of trends or forecasts according to data you choose.

Customize messages with your own information and style, and add information to messages that integrate them automatically with other outlook elements.

Easily stay in control of detailed information regarding an individual or organization.

Use subtotals to stay apprised of activity in smaller groups of numbers.

The implications of numerical and categorical information or business processes can be difficult to convey using the written or spoken word.

Instead, show your audience what you mean via Word's dynamic visuals.

Use notes to capture and manage those bits of miscellaneous information.

Let Outlook track your daily activity automatically with the journal feature, making it easy to see how you spend your time and document your work.

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