Confessions of an online dating traumpartner Aachen

The one I wrote up tonight is for a 50-something engineer who enjoys Thai food, jogging and detective novels.

Which brings me back to “John.” He/I received a message from a lovely woman named “Karen.” “John”/I had a great conversation with her, and connected over their/our mutual love of jogging and Tom Clancy. Will he ever see her naked on all fours in front of a fireplace in a cabin in Aspen?I did my job and got “John” a date with “Karen,” but will this connectivity lead to companionship? Will they spend their 10th wedding anniversary getting lost on back roads in France?Does paying an online dating consultant service to have a 30-year-old woman write your profile and messages help a busy man find love? I understood how Joaquin Phoenix could fall in love with a computer.I really don’t see a need anymore to put myself out there; to go to a bar or a restaurant or anywhere else in the world looking for love.I can post a perfectly angled picture of myself on Instagram and receive 50 likes in 20 minutes, reaffirming my beauty, my worth, my self esteem.

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