Computer dating services the good and bad

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In fact, as the authors point out, only about 15% of people who lose 10% of their bodyweight can maintain the weight loss for up to one year. You’ll recall from this post, that we must always obey the First Law of Thermodynamics.I have a friend who is seeing a guy who says “cold slaw” instead of “coleslaw,” so you just know that relationship is going nowhere.A break-up can happen anywhere, at any time—even after the happy endin More → Sure, we all want that new car, that fresh whip, that used 1998 Volvo that's been sitting in Benny's Auto Extravaganza for six months that we can almost afford. I’ve had roommates who were awful and roommates who were okay.It need not originate from a dad, per se, but the common cultural understanding is that most of them do.You’ll find them in wedding speeches, rogue Facebook comments, and conversations in line More → This slideshow is a perfect storm of Shakespeare and memes—basically, it's everything you've ever wanted.

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Here's where the characters of Star Wars: The Force Awakens lay their weary heads—and drones.

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