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He confronts Baxter and tells him he is going to jail.While Will is clearly attracted to Alicia, he is also shown to be somewhat of a ladies man.When Alicia listens to wire-taps made by the FBI she realizes that Will has left her a second voice message.She goes to his office to ask him about it, but Tammy is there.

Caught off guard Will has nothing to say and Alicia, who is at her husband's press conference, is called at that moment to take the stage with Peter.Will and Alicia then start a secret relationship in Season 3.Diane becomes suspicious of the relationship and encourages Will to end it before they become a target of the States Attorneys Office, once again lead by Peter Florrick.When fellow named partner Jonas Stern returns to the law firm hoping to represent himself after being charged with a DUI and battery, Will decides that this is an opportunity to push Stern out.He tries to get Alicia to tell him what she had discovered while representing Stern, but the information that Stern is suffering from dementia is protected by attorney/client privilege so Alicia can't tell Will.

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However, he then calls back and tells her that he loves her and they can make a plan together.

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