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If I have to get an older version is there an affordable source that is not shady. Can you get a 2007 file from them, open it and not convert it? If you can, to downgrade from 2010 to say 2003, I would create an MDB file, open it with 2010 install, import everything from the 2010 ACCDB, and give that to the 2003 user.Typically that is what you do you stick with the previous version or Access 2007 file. That said, there are several things I would have to check on that are new features... There is no specific option for saving in 2007 that I could see, just a generic save for the formats 2007 - 2013. Access Database Default database format Access 2000 Database Save a copy that will be compatible with Access 2000 Access 2000-2003 Database Save a copy that will be compatible with Access 2002-2003 Template Save the current database as a database template (ACCDT) There does not seem to be a separate option to specify 2007 or even 2010 format.

Also Access is typically used split with a frontend and a backend or data file that has the pysical tables in it.Hopefully we won't encounter any other types of incompatibility issues along the way.So looks like best way to avoid compatibility is to avoid macros or let users know they have to create and maintain them only in the older version and not allow users with new versions to edit or create macros.When I try a save as on files created by others, the screen returns to the main screen and does not bring up a window to provide the file name or location.The other issue I noticed was that the file I created and saved as, no longer has an option for macros.

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